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Marijuana and Life Insurance

It should come as a shock to nobody that life insurance companies penalize smokers with higher premiums or even outright refusal to issue a policy. But now that more than 20 states now allow marijuana use for medicinal purposes and voters in four states h
life insurance provides peace of mind for college loan cosignersEINSURANCE

Life Insurance Provides Peace of Mind for College Loan Cosigners

No parent wants to think about losing a child, but sometimes the unthinkable happens. When that child is a college student with a loan you cosigned, along with the grief you’ll suffer, you could also be saddled with crushing debt. A simple life insurance
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Why You Haven’t Bought Life Insurance Yet

Unlike car insurance and health insurance, there is no legal requirement to buy a life insurance policy. And given that you have a lot of other things to spend your money on, you’re probably in no hurry to rush out there and commit to monthly life insuran
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Consumer Debt is on the Rise: Time to Review Your Life Insurance?

Debt is on the rise, and life insurance coverage is down.
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Do Life Insurance Benefits Expire?

Learn more about life insurance death benefits and shop for life insurance policy quotes at
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Decreasing Term Life: What The Insurance Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

Since the effectiveness of decreasing term insurance is by definition limited by the age and demographic of the insured—in other words, since the coverage is temporary
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Why You Shouldn’t Cancel Your Life Insurance

Like lots of us, you’re sweating how you’ll make the house payment and put food on the table. And you may be tempted to start slashing unnecessary expenditures. Maybe you’re asking, if you really need life insurance. You aren’t alone.
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Key Executive Insurance

Essentially, key executive insurance is a basic term life insurance policy, with benefit values ranging from half a million to $5 million.
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Life Insurance for Senior Adults – An Affordable Safeguard in Today’s Economy

If you’re a senior citizen (or approaching senior citizenship) and your financial picture isn’t as rosy as you’d hoped, consider life insurance.
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Life Insurance – How Much Do I Need?

The purpose of life insurance is so that your family is not devastated financially at the same time as being devastated emotionally by its loss.
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Life Insurance – Do I Need It?

Life insurance is a small price to pay in exchange for being able to live your life knowing that your family is taken care of, no matter what life may hold.
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Life Insurance Part 2 – What Kind of Life Insurance Should You Get?

Life insurance companies package life insurance policies with lots of different names, but there are essentially two choices. You can choose permanent life insurance, also called whole life insurance, or the typically more affordable term life insurance
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What Are The Principal Types Of Life Insurance?

The principal types of life insurance are term life insurance and whole life/permanent life insurance.