Life Insurance: Rent Or Own?

Whether renting or owning, life insurance is a purchase that serves the interests of the ones you love, after you can no longer do so.

Why You Shouldn’t Cancel Your Life Insurance

Like lots of us, you’re sweating how you’ll make the house payment and put food on the table. And you may be tempted to start slashing unnecessary expenditures. Maybe you’re asking, if you really need life insurance. You aren’t alone.

Life Insurance Benefits and Tax Liabilities

There are different types of life insurance and different kinds of tax liabilities for the various payouts on benefits. Understanding your options will help you choose the right life insurance for your specific situation.

Beware of Stranger-Owned Life Insurance Scams

Aside from the fact that investing in something that only pays off when somebody dies is kind of creepy, Stranger-Owned Life Insurance is a risky investment.

These Changes to Your Business Can Affect Your Life Insurance

If you’re a small business owner, there are probably a lot of people depending on your continued success – from your family to your employees, partners, investors and creditors. The best way to protect everyone’s interests, including your own, is to keep

Life Events That Effect Your Life Insurance Coverage

You might think that a life insurance policy is something you purchase and tuck away in a drawer or safe deposit box until it matures or your beneficiaries need it. That would be a very big mistake. Throughout your life, there will be many events that can

Are Life Insurance Benefits Taxable?

Taxes are complicated…so complicated that IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman recently disclosed he hires somebody because he finds doing his own returns too complex. He’s not alone. The vast majority of Americans (Shulman says 80%) now rely on professional

How to Get Life Insurance if You’re Sick or Unhealthy

Like Monday morning quarterbacking, it’s easy to see that you should have bought life insurance when you were young and healthy instead of waiting till you’re pushing 50 or racking up health problems. If you suddenly find yourself among the nearly 5% of A

Life Insurance for Senior Adults – An Affordable Safeguard in Today’s Economy

If you’re a senior citizen (or approaching senior citizenship) and your financial picture isn’t as rosy as you’d hoped, consider life insurance.

Life Insurance – How Much Do I Need?

The purpose of life insurance is so that your family is not devastated financially at the same time as being devastated emotionally by its loss.

Life Insurance – Do I Need It?

Life insurance is a small price to pay in exchange for being able to live your life knowing that your family is taken care of, no matter what life may hold.

Life Insurance Part 2 – What Kind of Life Insurance Should You Get?

Life insurance companies package life insurance policies with lots of different names, but there are essentially two choices. You can choose permanent life insurance, also called whole life insurance, or the typically more affordable term life insurance