Is Whole Life Insurance a Good Investment?

Good is a relative term, but given recent market volatility, the melt-down of 401Ks and the down-right miserable performance of interest-bearing accounts, some people are rethinking whole life insurance as a more secure place to park their money. A recent

How to Check a Life Insurance Company’s Financial Rating

Whether you’re considering whole life insurance or term life insurance, you’re looking at a commitment of anywhere from 10 to 30 years. And, since you’re probably buying life insurance to provide financial security for your spouse or dependents, you want

Whole Life Insurance. How Much Do You Need?

It’s called whole life insurance because, as long as you keep current on your premiums, it covers you for your whole life. Contrast that to term life insurance, which only provides coverage for the period (or term) specified in your policy.

When To Buy Whole Life Insurance: Some Surprising Answers

During the first several years your whole life (also called permanent life) insurance policy is in effect, your premiums are going to be significantly higher than they would be for a term life insurance policy.