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What Is Sinkhole Insurance?

What is Sinkhole Insurance? Key Takeaways: Sinkhole insurance is available to homeowners in many states, while only Florida and Tennessee require insurance companies to offer optional coverage. Sinkhole insurance can be expensive — in some cases, more than regular homeowners’ insurance. Plus, the deductibles can be astronomical, so shop around for the best quotes. With climate […]

Is Hybrid Car Insurance More Expensive?

Key Takeaways: Hybrid car insurance is often more expensive than gas-only vehicle insurance but is also dependent on various factors like the cost of the vehicle and your personal driving record. There are still ways to save money and take advantage of discount opportunities, including ‘green vehicle’ discounts, when buying hybrid auto insurance. The best […]

Auto Insurance Quotes for the Best Selling Cars

Key Takeaways: Even with massive supply issues, high gas prices, and a slowdown of new car sales, car manufacturers are still selling millions of cars and full-size trucks in 2022. The best selling cars in 2022 include several full-size pickup trucks and only one electric vehicle. There are some ways to save money and lower […]

Car Insurance for International Drivers

Key Takeaways: For international drivers in the US, most states allow you to drive with your foreign driver’s license, although a few states will also require an International Driving Permit which must be obtained in your country of origin. Many US insurance companies sell auto insurance for foreign drivers, but it pays to shop around […]

Car Insurance Lapse – What Does It Mean?

If you have ever talked with an insurance agent to get a car insurance quote, you may have been asked about a lapse in coverage. How you answer that question can impact how much your insurance coverage will cost and even if coverage is available to you. Key Takeaways: Car insurance lapses usually occur for […]

How Does a Third-Party Insurance Claim Work?

A third-party insurance claim is basically when you file an insurance claim against someone else. It can be because of an accident or when someone else’s car causes damage to you or your property. It’s important to understand the difference between a first-party and a third-party insurance claim since there are different responsibilities and processes […]

Best Car Insurance for New Drivers – The Ultimate Guide

Key Takeaways: New drivers are people who have no valid driving history in the US and can include teenagers just learning to drive, people who have opted not to drive before or had a gap in coverage, and those who have recently emigrated to the United States. There are various discounts and ways to save […]

Low Income Car Insurance Guide

Key Takeaways: Insurance rates are not based on income but do factor in things that imply income levels, such as credit score, education level, and whether you own your home or rent. There are some good ways to save money, like buying an older car or finding alternative transportation for your daily commute to keep […]

What Is Contingent Business Interruption Insurance?

Key Takeaways: Businesses can add contingent business interruption coverage to their standard business insurance policy to protect their business from disruptions outside of their control, like a supplier shut down due to flood or fire. This coverage is especially helpful for businesses that depend on one or two suppliers for merchandise or supplies or have […]

How Does Your Job Affect Car Insurance?

Key Takeaways: Auto insurance companies use your “insurance score” to determine your overall auto insurance quote. Your “insurance score” is determined by an insurance company using a proprietary formula and includes your occupation and salary history. Your job category and credit history speak volumes to insurance companies about your ability to act responsibly and pay […]

Limited Liability Insurance – Do I Need It?

So, you’ve opened a new venture and chosen to do business as a limited liability company. Structuring your business as an LLC is a good way to separate and protect your personal assets from your overall business as well as your business partner(s) assets. In the event your business fails, an LLC should protect you […]

Open Enrollment 2022 – It’s Time Again

Every autumn, people with health insurance enter the ‘open enrollment period’ for the coming plan year and 2021 is no different. This includes employer-based plans, health exchange plans (Affordable Care Act, ACA, or Obamacare), and individual or family plans. Generally, open enrollment period 2022 dates to remember include: Open Enrollment begins Monday, November 1, 2021. Open […]

Vacant Land Insurance – Do You Need It?

Do You Really Need Vacant Land Insurance? Absolutely! If you own vacant land, it’s important to insure it properly and that can mean multiple coverages or policies to be sure you’re adequately protected. People often assume that their homeowner’s insurance policy will cover any vacant land they may own automatically, but that’s not the case. […]

Can You Get Car Insurance Without a License

Car insurance is vitally important! In fact, most states require you to have a minimum of insurance to cover your personal liability for any damage you or your car may cause. The minimum required amount of coverage is defined by each state and that usually means carrying insurance that includes bodily injury and property damage […]

High Deductible Health Plans – Are They Right For You?

The 2020 Open Enrollment Period (OEP) for health insurance plans is fast approaching. Many Americans will be evaluating high deductible health plans (HDHP) options as an alternative with over 45% of people under 65 years of age choosing them last year alone. These plans continue to increase in popularity as consumers seek relief from the […]