4 Reasons to Switch Car Insurance

Four Good Reasons to Switch Car insurance

Along with bills, your daily mail probably includes at least one enticing invitation to switch auto insurance with the promise of significant savings. It is smart to review your car insurance coverage at least once a year to see what’s out there. Here are 4 good reasons to switch car insurance coverage and one reason not to.

Things have changed

Maybe you moved, got a new car, bought a second car or got married. Changes in your life can be a good reason to shop for new coverage.

Better discounts

There are tons of discounts available. If you’re eligible for one or more, but your current provider doesn’t offer them that could make switching car insurance a good idea.

Better service

If you just aren’t feeling the love, maybe it’s time to move on. Dissatisfaction with claims processing, lack of responsiveness and just blame crumby treatment can sour any relationship. Check out rating sites like J.D. Power and Edmunds to see which insurance companies get top marks for service.

You’ve moved

While most car insurance providers these days sell policies nationwide, you may want to explore your options in your new state to see if better coverage or rates are available from another provider.

Lower premiums

Everybody loves to save money, but the promise of lower premiums alone isn’t the best reason to switch car insurance providers. You may be giving up superior service, discounts and loyalty benefits just to save a few bucks. Before you kiss your current provider goodbye, make sure you have realistic expectations. Prioritize what matters to you and let that guide your decision.

If you’d like to compare policies and quotes, you can shop of car insurance online here.


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