Puppy Insurance Plans Are No Longer the Runt of the Litter

If puppy insurance plans were around for Old Yeller, that story would have had a much happier ending. EInsurance explains the benefits of pet insurance.

Puppy Insurance Plans Can Save You Big Bucks Over Your Pet’s Cherished Lifetime

In the classic story of Old Yeller, the beloved family dog gets rabies defending the ranch and has to be put down. If only the Coates family had pet insurance, Old Yeller would have had his shots up to date. And most puppy insurance plans cover accidents and emergencies like getting mauled by a bear in a climactic movie scene.

But as much as Americans love their 175 million pets, many don’t appreciate the long-term cost of owning a dog or cat. More than 70% of dogs will endure a major health condition at some point during their lives.

In the old days, treating pet illnesses was unheard of. If your vet couldn’t put a bandage on it, he could only recommend euthanasia. But like human health care, veterinary science can now treat diseases once thought to be fatal.

Naturally, this advancement comes at a cost. Pet health care accounts for more than half of a pet owner’s expenses. And because veterinarian fees have increased more than 70% since 2007, that proportion will keep going up

Why You Should Care About Kitten and Puppy Insurance Plans

The Old Yeller story starkly illustrates old-fashioned pet care philosophy, and in America, that old way of thinking is only now beginning to change. Most pet owners are willing to spend a lot of money to treat their pet’s chronic diseases or devastating injuries.

The shock occurs when the bill arrives. A typical emergency treatment bill from a typical vet costs between $500 and $3,000. The cost of treating a chronic illness like heart disease is similar. As these bills continue to add up, it’s hard to explain why fewer than 2% of US pet owners have pet insurance, compared to 40% in Great Britain and 70% in Sweden.

As the cost of animal health care has risen beside the desire of most pet owners to give their pets longer lives, pet insurance has evolved. What was once reserved for rare and pricy show dogs is now available and affordable for almost every pet owner.

What Should You Look for in Puppy Insurance Plans?

Given the high cost of vet bills and high likelihood that your pet will need veterinary services, pet insurance is no longer an indulgence of the wealthy, but common sense. And more than 100 million American pets are insurable. Finding the best policy for your pet means shopping around and getting the most benefits for your money.

Ideally, most pet insurance policies cover accidents, emergency treatment, chronic diseases, and breed-common conditions. You should also check if your policy covers congenital and hereditary ailments (many do not), and major diseases like cancer.

The cost of your policy will also vary depending on where you live. Cities and suburbs are more dangerous for animals than farms and countryside. Also, some breeds will cost more to insure than others, and still other breeds are uninsurable, including some considered dangerous like pit bull terriers and Japanese tosas.

Still, more than likely, your pet is insurable. You should buy your pet policy while your pet is young. And you will also get better value from your pet insurance if you choose a policy based on coverage, rather than lower price.

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