Review Your California Health Care Insurance for 2010

Add reviewing your California health care insurance policy to your December to-do list. In these tough economic times, it could help you save some money, or at least result in improved coverage. Consumer advocates are working on your behalf and a number of pieces of legislation have passed or are under consideration that could have a positive impact on your California health insurance quotes.

•    Gender Rating (AB 119) prohibits health insurance providers from charging different premium rates based on sex. It was signed by the governor in October.

•    Time Limit (AB 108) was also signed in October, and imposes a 24-month time limit in which insurers can rescind, cancel or limit individual health care policies or charge higher premiums because of fraud once a consumer’s application is approved.

•    A number of bills concern Cal-COBRA, important in this time of rising unemployment.

•    Cal-COBRA (AB 23), signed into law this past May, requires insurers to provide notice to individuals eligible for Cal-COBRA that federal funds are available to assist with the premiums.

•    Currently in committee, SB 727 would require California health insurance providers to offer continuation coverage to a person covered under a group plan if the employer terminates the plan and does not provide a successor group benefit plan to employees.

•    Also in committee, SB 796 would delete the requirement that COBRA coverage must be exhausted before an individual can qualify for access to individual health coverage under HIPAA.

•    AB 326 and SB 353 would allow a tax deduction for California health savings accounts to be used with high-deductible health plans.

•    Among its many provisions, Omnibus Health Reform Measure (SB 92) would  allow the sale of health insurance across state lines. It’s currently in the senate health committee.

Check you policy, check your individual requirements and start shopping now for a California health insurance policy that suits your personal needs and budget.  Visit California Health Insurance for more information.


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