Cheap Car Insurance for Bad Drivers?

cheap car insurance for bad drivers

Is there bad driver car insurance? Probably not. Cheap car insurance for a young driver is even less likely. Insurance companies base auto insurance premiums on statistics. If you’ve racked up a lot of points with speeding tickets and fender benders, welcome to the high-risk pool. Lest you’re tempted to just bail on buying car insurance, that’s not an option for a couple of reasons:

  1. Proof of continuous coverage is one of the factors car insurance companies look at when determining your premium. If you can’t demonstrate it, they may assume the worst – that you’ve been driving uninsured or had your policy cancelled.
  2. Get caught driving without car insurance and you risk losing your driver’s license or maybe even going to jail. The loss of income and lawyer’s fees are going to eclipse that bad driver policy premium. So, if walking, carpooling or public transportation don’t work for you, there are policies for bad drivers. Shop around online to find the most affordable bad driver car insurance. If nobody will touch you, check with your state’s insurance commission. Every U.S. state has some kind of program for otherwise uninsurable drivers, where your risk is spread across all insurance companies in the pool. This isn’t cheap auto insurance, but it will meet the legal requirements to keep you behind the wheel.

While you’re forking out the big dough for a bad driver car insurance policy, take some short- and long-range steps to work your way back to good driver rates.

  1. Drive an old car – ideally one that’s considered safer (think family sedan versus convertible sports car) – and carefully consider waiving the collision and comprehensive coverage.
  2. Clean up your credit and pay your bills on time. Insurance companies take all kinds of things into consideration when assessing your premiums, and your credit record is one of them. People with poor credit are statistically more likely to file car insurance claims, which makes them bad driver risks.
  3. Take a safe driver course. Some automobile insurance companies take this into consideration when determining risk. Besides, it may inspire you to do the single most important thing you can do to find cheap bad driver car insurance…
  4. Maintain a good driving record. Going three to five years without a ticket, accident or claim (whether or not the accident was your fault) will ultimately help get you reclassified as a safe driver and a good risk for affordable car insurance. If you are in the market for auto insurance , get a free auto insurance quote from top insurance companies.


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