Develop Safe Driving Habits for Discount Auto Insurance Quotes

There are plenty of things that are out of your control, but the price you pay for car insurance isn’t one of them. By developing safe driving habits, you can qualify for significant discount auto insurance quotes.

The statistics on the impact of bad driver behavior are staggering. Consider the cost in lives attributed to speed. Over 13,000 deaths were caused by speeding in 2007, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), who claims that speed-related crashes costs us over $40 billion a year. Ease up on the accelerator. You’ll get there a little bit later, but alive. Besides, you’ll like the discount auto insurance quotes you get because of a clean traffic record next time you’re shopping for car insurance.

You know better than to drink and drive, but did you know that in 2008 11,773 people died in accidents related to alcohol impairment, or that there is a U.S. traffic fatality directly attributed to alcohol every 45 seconds? If you want to see your discount auto insurance quotes evaporate (assuming you can get insurance at all), get arrested for drunk driving.

Running a red light may save you a few seconds, unless you’re involved in an accident as a result. Over 900 people die each year because somebody was in too big a hurry to stop for a red light. About half the fatalities are pedestrians or occupants in cars hit by red-lighter runners. Going to jail for vehicular manslaughter will really mess up your busy schedule.

Pay attention! Multi-tasking behind the wheel is an accident waiting to happen. In fact, an NHTSA study in 2006 found that some form of driver distraction within three seconds of impact was involved in nearly 80% of crashes. While some states have outlawed the use of hand-held cell phones while driving, cell phone users are not the worst multi-tasking offenders when it comes to crashes and near misses. That dubious honor would go to drivers reaching for a falling object such as a coffee cup, which ups the odds of smashing into something by a factor of nine. So wait till you’re at a full stop to change take a sip of java or change the radio station, and don’t even think about putting on mascara till you’re parked. You’ll be lowering your chances of an accident by keeping in mind those safe driving habits and increasing your eligibility for discount auto insurance quotes.


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