Do I Need Roadside Assistance Coverage?

do I need roadside assistance coverage

Roadside assistance is one the most convenient insurance coverage you can purchase. More and more drivers are benefitting from adding roadside assistance coverage to their auto insurance policy. If your daily commute is long or your vehicle is no longer under warranty, you should consider to buy it.

Generally, roadside assistance will get you

  • Towing service: tow your vehicle to the nearest mechanic.
  • Flat tires: send a capable service professional to your location to help you change.
  • Fuel delivery service: send a service professional to provide you enough fuel to get you to the nearest gas station.
  • Battery jump-start service: send a professional to your location to provide you with a battery jump-start.
  • Winching or extrication service: provide extrication services that would dislodge it and deliver it to the next destination.
  • Locked out service: Send a service professional to help you gain access.

You car insurance company typically partners with existing network of businesses that provide the service. You can also buy a secondary policy through company like AAA instead of adding additional coverage to your current insurance policy.

Roadside assistance gives you peace of mind if you are stranded on the side of the road. Check more descriptions from our inforgraphics. If you need auto insurance, please go to and compare quotes from top insurance carriers.

do I need roadside assitance

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