Fun Halloween Ideas for Your Small Business

Owning a small business doesn’t always have to be about putting out fires, containing costs and managing everyday things that can feel more like chores—although these are all important to your success. But, with Halloween on its way, have some fun Halloween ideas. Your employees will enjoy it, and so will your customers.

1. Employee Costume Contest

Challenge your employees to wear costumes on Halloween and hand out awards for the most creative costume. Add some other categories such as Scariest, Funniest, Craziest, even Worst—whatever you can come up with.

2. Hand Out Treats

If you are a retail business let customers know that if they come by in costume they’ll get a treat. Many downtown business associations and shopping malls let stores opt in to participate, so you might just get more traffic than usual.

3. Create a Special Menu

Do you own a restaurant or eatery? Develop a fun menu just for Halloween, renaming your offerings. Or concentrate on a Halloween-themed dessert menu. Hand out treats at the end of every meal enjoyed—with permission from the parents if there are kids.

4. Have a Drawing

Have a drawing for a prize that ties in with your business, whether it’s dinner for two, free gift certificate or something else that has value with your customers.

5. Do a Give-Away

Print up certificates that customers can use, such as a discount on their next purchase. You can hand them out to visitors of your business, or with every purchase made.

6. Decorate

Put out Halloween decorations and dress up your website for the holiday. There are plenty of themed decorations available, from lights to jack-o’-lanterns to strands of black and orange crepe. For your website, it can be as simple as adding pumpkin artwork or photos of employees in costumes.

No doubt you and your employees can come up with some spook-tacular fun Halloween ideas of your own. The only rule is: Have fun!


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