Get Car Insurance ASAP!

Having a current car insurance policy is more than a necessary expense; it’s also the responsible thing to do. You’re driving a piece of equipment capable to inflicting property damage, severe injury and death. You owe it to yourself, your family, your passengers and other drivers to carry adequate insurance. Besides, if you get ticketed for driving without auto insurance, you could face a hefty fine, impounding of your vehicle or even jail time depending on where you live. So stop living dangerously and start to find what insurance company insures your car in no time flat.

Getting instant auto insurance quotes online is the easy part. But unless you can show a minimum of 30 days of continuous prior coverage, most insurance companies will consider you a poor risk, so you’re probably not going to find the cheapest auto insurance coverage.

No matter, get the best coverage you can afford, keep current on the premiums, drive safely and go shopping again in six months. By that time, you will look like a much better risk and you’ll have a bigger pool of providers to select from. Keep up the good work for six more months, and you may even qualify for safe driver discounts. Be advised, however, that switching car insurance providers before your current policy term is up might result in a short-rate cancellation fee. (That’s why it’s always wise to read the fine print in any insurance policy.)

So, how much auto insurance do you need? That largely depends on three things: where you live, how much you’re worth and the value of the car you drive.

• Different states have different requirements about the minimum liability you must carry to cover any damages you cause to other people and property. Check your state’s DMV website for details.

• Even if you live in a low-minimum requirement state, if you have a lot to lose in a law suit (cash in the bank, a business, a home – you get the picture), it’s probably wise to ante up for more liability coverage.

• You never want to pay for more insurance than you need. Base the type and amount of automobile coverage you get on the value of your ride. The more it would cost to replace your car if it were totaled or stolen, the more comprehensive/collision insurance you need. Think 2006 BMW versus a 1962 VW.


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