Homeowners Insurance – The Big Litigation Expense Benefit

Did you know that you are potentially responsible if someone is injured on your property? So, if you hire a plumber, a cleaning service, a repair person and that person is injured on your property, you are at risk. We know someone who was sued by the company that re-sealed his deck because the company didn’t properly secure the ladder on the deck (made slippery with the sealant) when one of the workers was injured when the ladder slipped. In today’s society where everyone sues, it is important to have homeowners insurance that will protect you.

In the event you are sued because someone was injured on your property, the cost of hiring a lawyer could be enormous.

First of all, would you even know who to call to defend you? And, even if you are lucky enough to know a good defense lawyer to call, you’ll still be responsible for paying that person. One of the biggest benefits of homeowners insurance other than protecting your valuables, is that most policies require the insurance company to defend you in a lawsuit if you are sued for covered damages. Thus, the damages being sought must be covered, but assuming they are, the insurer would find the attorney to represent you and would pay the attorney to represent you. This is no small benefit. Insurance companies have a lot of experience with attorneys and may be in a better position than you are to find you a good lawyer. In addition, even if you have a great case and ultimately win it, you will still be out a lot of money paying your lawyer in the meantime.

When searching for homeowners insurance quotes, or condominium owners insurance and renters insurance quotes, be sure to verify that the policies you are considering require the insurance company to defend covered claims. The insurer’s “duty to defend” under homeowners insurance, condominium owners insurance and renters insurance is a huge benefit to you in case you are ever sued.


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