How to Hire the Right People for Your Small Business

How to hire good people for your small business

When you’re trying to attract good employees for your small business, you may feel as if big employers have the advantage. After all, they usually pay more, offer the best benefits and demonstrate staying power more easily. But that doesn’t mean you have nothing to offer. With some thought and creativity, you can be hiring employees into your company as well.

Define Your Strong Suits

Although larger employers have some advantage, keep in mind that not everyone wants to work at a corporation. Instead of a comprehensive benefits package, get creative and offer things employees value.

1. Flexible work schedules

Where possible, cut employees some slack if they need a little time off during the day. Let them make up the time. Consider letting employees telecommute once a week.

2. Ability to learn and grow

Some larger employers require employees to do their jobs, no more, no less. Small businesses, on the other hand, usually give employees more opportunities to learn something new, grow and advance.

3. Closer culture

Small businesses are generally less bureaucratic and more like a family. Employees and leaders have less formal relationships.

4. Provide snacks

Make snacks available for free.

5. Reward during high stress times

If everyone is having to work late to accomplish a goal, bring pizza in for dinner. If it’s a particularly stressful workload, bringing in a good lunch or dinner can help.

6. Recognize great employees

Let employees nominate peers for special recognition, or if there aren’t many employees, rotate recognition. Give a gift certificate once a month, or a more major gift every quarter.

Appeal to Job-Hunters

Let prospective employees know the benefits your small company has to offer and what kind of culture the company has. Demonstrate how great it is to work there. Give your job ads a personal touch, including key job descriptors and the experience you require of an applicant but, also appeal to the type of person who might be most attracted to your company. Ultimately, you need to write a job ad that the right candidate will find irresistible.

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