How to Make the Most of a Test Drive

how to make the most of the test drive

If you’re in the market for a new car, do some research to see which makes and models you’re interested in. Which ones have everything you’re looking for? Think about things like good looks, capacity, trunk space and anything else that would serve you best. Then, follow two rules:

Rule Number One: Never buy a car without taking a test drive first.

Rule Number Two: Test drive a car thoroughly, not just around the block.

Things to Do On a Test Drive

1. Replicate your typical drive.

If you commute in heavy traffic, test drive in congestion. Drive on a freeway if this is something you do, or will do, frequently. If you drive on dirt roads, give the car a try on one. Do you frequently drive on curvy roads? Be sure you test the car to see how it handles.

2. See if the car fits your lifestyle.

Can the test car fulfill all your driving needs? For instance, if you pull a trailer or ATV make sure the car you’re test driving has good views through the side view mirrors. Also, if you golf or carry any other kind of equipment around with you, see whether the car is adequate. Take a set of golf clubs along on your test drive, for example.

3. Determine if the car is comfortable for your needs.

If you have a family or typically drive with others in the car, make sure it’s suitably comfortable and roomy enough. Does the back seat provide enough space? Is it easy to get in and out of? Are the seats adjustable? Is there an adequate number cup holders? Do you need more trunk space than the car offers?

4. Find out if the ride is smooth.

You may not always drive on dirt roads, but it’s still a good idea to see how a car does on rough surfaces while on a test drive. How does it do when you drive over a speed bump? Is the road noise too loud?

5. Make sure you like the interior features.

See how well the interior features work. Are they easy to use? Try out the heating and air conditioning. How’s the GPS? Also check out things like power windows, locks and sunroof.

6. Bring your friends with you for suggestions.

For a second set of ears and eyes, take a friend along to make observations. You can compare notes afterwards.

These are just a few of the steps you can take to get the most out of your test drive. For more helpful information about cars, check out our auto journal. Securing an auto insurance policy to fit your needs is an important component of car ownership. Read more about auto insurance and get quotes to compare rates using the EINSURANCE quote generating tool.


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