Industry Trends Could Help You Find Cheap Car Insurance

industry trends could help you find cheap car insurance

The new year is well under way, solid economic recovery remains elusive and global events have sent gasoline costs soaring. Is there any good news? Well, maybe, if you’re in a position to take advantage of some industry trends that could help you find cheap car insurance.

Comparison Shop for Auto Insurance Rates

Business is bad for everybody and car insurers are competing to retain old customers and attract new ones. At the same time, a lot of people are dropping their car insurance altogether and chancing it (bad idea). But all these forces have combined to create a buyer’s market. Use it to your advantage. Go online (you can do that on this website) and get competitive car insurance quotes. It’s something you should do every six to 12 months, anyway, and there’s never been a better time than now. Top-rated auto insurance companies are offering new types of car insurance incentives like accident-forgiveness. They’re also upping the ante on existing discounts for good drivers and loyal customers.

So even if you love your car insurance company and don’t want to switch, get some competitive quotes anyway and then talk to your current insurer about matching or beating them. Can’t hurt. Could net you cheap car insurance.

Drive Smart, Safe and Save

If possible, limit your mileage, adjust your commuting drive time and comparison shop of mileage-based auto insurance policies. You could qualify for big premium refunds or shrinking deductibles, especially if you maintain a safe driving record. These are relatively new products that are gaining traction in states with large driving populations like California and Texas.

Use Technology Wisely

Along with comparison shopping for competitive car insurance online, technology provides other ways to save money on car insurance. Do you have smart phone? Many car insurance companies are providing new ways for you use your mobile to save time and money. Some offer custom apps you can download to your smart phone to make managing your car insurance even easier. Depending on your phone and your car insurance provider, you may be able to review your existing policy, purchase new auto insurance coverage, pay your premiums and file a claim. While you may also be able to access your car insurance ID card from your mobile, check your local and state laws to see if that would be acceptable if you’re stopped and asked for proof of insurance.


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