Life Insurance for Men vs. Women

Life Insurance For Men vs. Women

Women may pay more for certain kinds of products and services, but not for life insurance policies. Generally, men pay more for a life insurance policy.

Life Insurance for Men and Women Statistics

Looking at averages, monthly premiums for women can be $20 less per month for a 10-year, $500,000 term life insurance policy at age 30; at age 60, women can pay $820  per month less for a 20-year, $500,000 term life insurance policy (

Life Insurance for Men and Women Reasons

The difference in cost isn’t due to discrimination against men so much as statistics.

  1. Women live longer than men overall.
    World Health Organization (WHO) report that, on average, men in the U.S. can be expected to live to their mid-70s, whereas women have a life expectancy of the low-80s, roughly a five year difference. For term insurance, a woman is more likely to outlive her coverage, so the insurer is at less risk of having to pay out a huge death benefit.
  2. Men have more dangerous occupations.
    Statistically, men tend to make a living in more hazardous occupations, although this could change over time. Whether from stress or accident on the job, people who work in particular fields are more likely to have an injury or die prematurely. Firefighters, police officers, construction workers, pilots, and loggers are a few examples.
  3. Higher risk lifestyles.
    Although plenty of women participate in dangerous activities, men still outnumber them in this area. Men’s lifestyles may include dangerous recreation such as skydiving, car racing, tackle football, rock climbing and hang gliding. Also, men are statistically more likely to binge drink, eat more high-salt, fatty foods, and do riskier DIY tasks.

Besides gender and lifestyle, life insurance premium costs are also determined by the age of the policy holder. Learn about the different kinds of life insurance take a look at Life Insurance: What is It?


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