City of Chicago Motorcycle and Scooter Parking

motorcycle guide Chicago

Motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds must comply with all parking and standing restrictions that apply to traditional vehicles. In some cases the Illinois Vehicle Code treats scooter and moped operation similar to that of a bicycle; however this is not the case for parking. Scooters and mopeds cannot be parked on the sidewalk, on the parkway, or even chained to bike racks. The parking and standing restrictions practice by the City of Chicago apply to scooters, mopeds, and any vehicles alike. Check motorcycle guide Chicago below.

Scooter Operation

The operation of a scooter is only permitted on streets where motor vehicle traffic is allowed. In order to operate your motor scooter on the street the proper registration process must be taken. The operator of the motor scooter must be able to show valid driver’s license and insurance information.

Pollution, Noise and Safety

Operating mufflers must be installed on the motorcycle or scooter. These vehicles are not permitted to create any unnecessary or unwanted exhaust or noise. Muffler cut-outs, straight pipes, or similar devices not having noise dampening features are not permitted on public streets.

If you are to run into any dangerous street conditions, like pot holes or fragments, report them by calling the 311 information number. The 311 number can also be used for any positive or negative comments regarding taxicab driving.

Motorcycle and Scooter Parking in Chicago

In April of 2007, the City of Chicago created a law pertaining to scooter and motorcycles on public streets. There was also legislation passed that specifies the duties and responsibilities of these scooter and motorcycle drivers/owners when parking.

Public Way Parking

Like all vehicles parking on the public way, laws and requirements are set for scooters and motorcycles to be parked in a specific way. Traditional motor vehicles, like cars and trucks, are required by law to be parked by the operator parallel to the curb. For your non-traditional motor vehicles, like scooters or motorcycles, the vehicle must be parked perpendicular, or at a 90 degree angle, to the curb. For larger motorcycles the angle may be offset from 90 degrees in order to avoid blocking the roadway. Like all motor vehicle drivers in Chicago scooter and motorcycle drivers can receive up to a $25 fine for not following the city parking code.

Motorcycle Parking Diagram

Motorcycle Parking Diagram

Meter and Paid Parking

Scooter and motorcycle drivers are allowed to park at meters and paid parking areas. After the operator parks the vehicle in the single space, they must follow the correct guidelines specified by city ordinance to begin operation of the meter. When a driver parks their vehicle in the paid parking area they must insert the correct amount of money. Following the money deposit, a receipt will be given to the driver to put on display on the motorcycle.

Motorcycle drivers must follow the following motorcycle guide Chicago when displaying the receipt on the motor vehicle:

  • The driver must write the license plate number on the receipt. This will stop others from stealing and using the receipt. It is illegal for one to display another person’s license plate number on their receipt.
  • There are instructions on the receipt that explain exactly what to do. The receipt has a sticky adhesive back which can be exposed by removing the paper backing from the adhesive side. The receipt should be put on the headlight of the motorcycle or scooter.
  • The adhesive backing of the receipt should be placed on a clean and dry area. Make sure to wipe the headlight clean to avoid any tickets and to follow the correct parking guidelines.

Parking in a Residential Area

In general, residential parking is permitted to residents and their guests. Any trucks, cars, or similar vehicles require a residential parking permit or visitor parking permit. Scooters and motorcycles are allowed to park in residential zones without displaying any parking permit.

City Stickers

City of Chicago residents, home owners, apartment renters, or any property controlling entity has to purchase and show a city sticker for any vehicle used in the public way. All motorcycle, scooter, and moped owners must display a unique license plate sticker. The yearly fee for this sticker is $45.

Parking Rates

There are several parking garages in Chicago that offer great rates to motorcycle and scooter drivers. A list of these garages may be found by visiting the City of Chicago website.

People with Disabilities

Disabled drivers of motorcycles, scooters, or mopeds do not have to put meters into operation or show any pay display receipt. This specification is not required by municipality code.



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