Store and Access Insurance Policies in an Online Safe Deposit Box

Good for you! You  applied for competitive health insurance quotes and car insurance quotes at You secured a health insurance policy and auto insurance policy that fit your needs and budget. You patted yourself on the back and breathed a sigh of relief. You’re covered.

Then five months later, you have an accident and you’re seriously injured. You need to review your policies but you can’t remember where you put them and you spend hours digging through drawers, file folders, shoe boxes and closet shelves. Or worse, you’re incapacitated and your spouse, partner or family member has no clue where you’ve put your insurance policies and other vital documents.

The solution to this scenario couldn’t be simpler or more affordable. My Vault®  is a digital asset management service that provides private online store and access insurance files, documents and other important information in a secure environment. You can access your My Vault account from anywhere, even your hospital bed. With My Vault you can organize, sort and tag your files to make retrieving them easier, too. You can also send select files securely to trusted individuals by using My Vault link-share expiration functions and setting passwords for linkshare and file pick-up control.

Think about all the times you’ve been away from your home (and that shoebox) and needed to reference an insurance policy, business files or personal information. Maybe you were on vacation, at the office, running errands, meeting with your accountant, at the doctor’s office or in the hospital. Short of trusting somebody to dig through your personal files, you were stuck. My Vault ® online file storage eliminates the stress of that helpless feeling with anytime, anywhere immediate access to and digita asset management of your insurance policies and other important documents. All you need is Internet access and your personal identification number to sign in and retrieve your online document storage.

My Vault is like an online safe deposit box. It’s that secure and there’s no need to wait for the bank to open. My Vault costs less than a bank safety deposit box, too, and there’s no key to keep track of. It’s an inexpensive way to buy peace of mind. No worries about fire or flood destroying vital documents, precious photos and critical data. No long-term contracts, either. My Vault offers five levels of month-to-month service, based on your storage capacity needs and starting as low as $1.99.

So shop for competitive insurance quotes to get the most coverage for your needs. Then store and access insurance and protect your policies and other important information in a safe, readily accessible My Vault online safe deposit box.


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