Sure-Fire Ways to Attract Holiday Car Thieves

Sure Fire Ways to Attract Car Thieves

While you’re out shopping for Christmas presents, attending a party or just celebrating the season, crooks are casing your car. Car thefts and car break-ins rise in the weeks leading up to Christmas. If you want to bring holiday cheer to a crook, here are some sure-fire ways to do so:

  1. Leave your purchases in plain sight. If you lock them in your trunk or hide them on the floor board under a blanket, thieves won’t know all those expensive gifts are there for the taking and they’ll have to look elsewhere.
  2. Wait till you get to the next mall to put your recent purchases in the trunk. This let’s thieves know your car is worth breaking into and, since you’ve just pulled in, they’ll also know they have plenty of time to pop the lock.
  3. Leave your car unlocked. That way the bad guy won’t have to break a window (or set off the annoying alarm) getting in. If you leave your keys in the ignition, he won’t even have to go to the trouble of hot wiring your car.
  4. Give the nice parking lot attendant your entire set of keys. If you only hand over the ignition key, he can’t get into the trunk, rifle through the glove box, or give your house key (and address) to an accomplice to make a quick copy and rob your home while you’re out shopping or seeing a film.
  5. Drive around with the passenger side door unlocked and your purse on the passenger seat. This will allow an enterprising thief to grab your purse while you’re stopped at a traffic light. Make it even easier by rolling down the passenger-side window so he doesn’t even have to open the door. Stowing your purse behind the driver’s seat or securing it with the passenger-side seat belt would also inconvenience him.

One more thing: Don’t be surprised if your car insurance policy doesn’t cover your property losses. While theft and damage to the vehicle are covered (after deductible and up to the limits of your policy), many basic car insurance policies do not reimburse for personal property loss. Your homeowners or renters insurance may, however.

You can learn more about basic car insurance coverage and compare care insurance policy quotes online.


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