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Commercial Vehicle Insurance for Independent Truckers. What Do You Need and How Much?

To keep your commercial vehicle insurance costs as low as possible, it helps to know what you need and how much. Obviously, that’s going to depend a lot on things like what you drive and what you haul but here are some basic guidelines.
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Semi Truck Insurance for Your Big Rig

Aside from the price of fuel, your semi truck insurance is going to be among your biggest expenses.
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Dump Truck Insurance Basics

Your basic required dump truck insurance will include liability and physical damage coverage.
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Tow Truck Insurance for Your Commercial Towing Business

A typical tow truck insurance policy will typically include liability coverage for personal and property damage, on-hook coverage and personal injury protection.
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Business Truck Insurance for Cargo

Your legal liability under this type of business truck insurance will differ depending on whether you are a common carrier or a contract carrier. Basically, as a common carrier you assume full responsibility for the safe delivery of the cargo you’re hauli
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Truckers Insurance Basics – Commercial Truck Liability Insurance

All truck drivers are required by federal law to carry commercial truck liability insurance.