Texting and Driving: 6 Types of Cell Phone and Texting Drivers

driver texting and driving at same time

Texting and Driving: CEXT Drivers

There are at least six types of cell phone and texting drivers. We like to call them CEXT Drivers. No, it is not sexy because it is so serious!

1. The Hide-and-Seek Cext

You know this driver, they are hiding their phones in their lap, thinking that no one will know, but you can always tell a Hide-and-Seek Cext when they look down towards the floor more than the road ahead of them.

2. The I-See-You Cext

This driver does not care about being seen, he/she puts the phone right on top of the steering wheel and thinks that they can type and see the road ahead at the same time. These drivers are easy to spot but are so convinced of their safe approach that they are actually more risky drivers.  It is not just the road ahead, it is everything surrounding you as well!

3. The Make-up Cext

Off all drivers this is the most dangerous. They are putting on makeup while holding their phone in their lap, while talking. The potential for accidents is off the charts.  Dropping the lipstick or tweezers is just one additional risk.  The Make-up Cext is so involved that they do not see what the traffic stacked up behind them is doing.  Then when someone passes them and squeezes in ahead of them, they cannot stop in time.

4. The Gesture Cext

This driver likes to speak on the phone while gesturing with their other hand and drives with their knees. So involved in their world, that they like to look at their hands while gesturing. Occasionally they need to lean closer to the console or touch their phone to improve their listening experience. Your knee cannot see the stop sign ahead.

5. The Stop-Light Cext

We have all seen this driver and we probably are guilty ourselves. You want to call someone or text something or look up a number and you pray for a stop light. While this driver is trying to be more responsible, they get so involved that they are still texting well into the Green Light.  They make it through the yellow light and you get the red light behind them.

6. The Earphone Cext

These drivers are planning ahead, so you have to give them just a little credit for having their phones on the console. However, they are bopping to the beat so fine that they don’t see the cars around them. Of course, they cannot hear the horns blaring, and next they see the vehicle next to them take off their side view mirror.

These are just some of your fellow drivers. Don’t be one of them! Drive responsibly and save your texting and phone calls for the appropriate time. Your car insurer will appreciate your attention to the road and so will your wallet. A Cexting Driver is not a sexy driver.

About David Thompson

David Thompson is President and CEO of eINSURE Services, Inc. Dave is on the Board of Directors of AmerInst Insurance Group, Bermuda and is Chairman of the Underwriting Committee, as well as co-inventors of RINITS, a new insurance securitization product. He has a history of creating successful new ventures in the insurance business.