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The Secrets to Get Cheap Auto Insurance Coverage

In every business there are secrets to profitability that insiders learn and trade and use to create strategies, that are not commonly known to the public. Insurance is no different. The Secrets of Auto Insurance Quotes Keep in mind that insurers are not generally charity organizations. Many were started as Mutuals or Reciprocals, where the […]

10 Types of Identity Theft You Should Know

“Risk Management” is a term often associated with businesses trying to reduce their exposure to certain negative factors that might impact their business. When it comes to individuals, risk management is also very important, especially now when the information age is in full swing and “personally identifiable information” is so valuable to ethical and unethical […]

Texting and Driving: 6 Types of Cell Phone and Texting Drivers

Texting and Driving: CEXT Drivers There are at least six types of cell phone and texting drivers. We like to call them CEXT Drivers. No, it is not sexy because it is so serious! 1. The Hide-and-Seek Cext You know this driver, they are hiding their phones in their lap, thinking that no one will […]

Workers Compensation Audit Problems for Small Companies

There are a number of problems that smaller companies can encounter with workers compensation insurance coverages. One such complexity is inconsistent workers compensation record maintenance and closed/new locations. You might have started a small business in one location with less than stellar results and decided to close down that location, but open again in another […]