The Top 5 States Where People Live Longer

Where Americans live longest and why

Exercise, eating right and access to health care have a positive influence on life expectancy in the United States, and richer Americans live longer, on average, than poorer people. While other developed nations have longer life expectancies (the U.S. ranks 50th), some states come closer to longer living populations throughout the worlds.

Here’s an overview of the states with the longest life expectancies:

  1. Hawaii 81.3 years: Topping the list of states where people live the longest, Hawaii has low smoking and obesity rates and a high rate of people covered for health insurance. Interestingly, says the Wall Street Journal, the island state also has just 28.2 preventable hospitalizations per 1,000 Medicare recipients, the lowest in the country.
  2. Minnesota 81.1 years: A close second, Minnesota enjoys lower obesity rates and drug-related deaths, and a high rate of access to health insurance may also contribute to the state’s ranking. All of this while binge drinking is rated among the highest, according to the Wall Street Journal.
  3. California 80.8 years: Residents of California are among the most active people in the country. Californians also tend to be non-smokers and are less likely to be obese.
  4. Connecticut 80.8 years: Connecticut ties with California in life expectancy at birth. Like people in the Golden State, residents of Connecticut have lower rates of smoking and being obese. Other factors might be a low poverty rate and higher childhood immunization rates.
  5. Massachusetts 80.5 years: Health insurance coverage rates are higher in Massachusetts, with the lowest rate of uninsured (3.7% in 2013). It might also help that the state has the highest number of general practitioners and dentists.

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Looking at the states where people tend to live the longest, we may be able lengthen our lives by eating better, staying active, abstaining from smoking and having health insurance. It might also help to manage stress better, don’t drink too much, don’t use hard drugs, avoid social isolation and maintain a positive attitude.

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