Ultimate Guide to Credit Card Travel Insurance

Can you count on your credit card travel insurance?

The answer is, it depends. Credit cards usually provide trip cancellation insurance, interruption coverage, lost and delayed luggage coverage and travel accident insurance.

But sometimes credit card insurance can fall short. For example, trip cancellation coverage may have limited reimbursement regarding hotels you reserved or flights you booked when your trip was cancelled. Also, credit cards usually do not include medical and medical evacuation insurance coverage. However, third party travel insurance can help you cover that.

What are Your Choices?

Travel insurance through your credit card comes as a part of its benefits package. It is free and sometimes carries nice coverage.

Traveling domestically and most short-distance trips do not warrant purchasing coverage from a third party provider. However, if you are traveling internationally, we definitely recommend buying third party travel insurance to give you an extra layer of protection.

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If you need third party travel insurance to protect you and you family members, remember to compare multiple quotes from top rated insurance carriers using EINSURANCE.com before you make your final decisions.

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