Ways to Save Gas While Driving

With the gas price approaching higher and higher, drivers need to find better driving technics while driving. Here we summarize 6 ways to save gas while driving without requiring a great effort from you.

1. Drive Slower

Driving fast increases drag on your vehicle and in turn increases your fuel consumption, especially avoid aggressive driving techniques.

2. Curb Car Idling

If you idle the engine for more time, you waste fuel. Notice that new modern cars do not require the extensive length of time than the old ones.

3. Applying Brakes

Applying brakes gently and easily will help save you gas too. By not having to slam on the brakes at the very last minute you’ll improve efficiency a lot.

4. Watch Acceleration

Make sure you apply light pressure to the gas as you accelerate in efforts to conserve gas.

5. Wind Resistance = Drag

Keep your windows closed whenever possible because wind resistance increases drag and costs you fuel in the long run.

6. Cruise Control

Cruise control is a very handy function while you are driving at higher speeds, like a highway or freeway. It helps you maintain your speed and save you precious fuel.

There are always many ways to save gas like buying a gas-efficient car, buying gas early or late in the day, etc.

The infographic below provides an easy way for you to digest these tips. Remember to share this information with your friends and family members.

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6 ways to save gas while driving

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