Will Your Car Insurance Cover You Out of State?

does your car insurance cover you out of state

As spring and summer head our way, you may be planning a cross-country drive. A common concern with drivers is whether or not their car insurance cover out of state if they are in an accident out-of-state. Unless you’re traveling to a foreign country, no need to worry.

Even though car insurance coverage has different requirements from state to state, your coverage will be valid throughout the United States. So you can pack your bags, load up the car and head out with peace of mind.

Where You Car Insurance Isn’t Valid

Beyond the U.S., your insurance won’t cover you if you want to drive in a foreign country, with the exception of Canada. So if you head north, you’re covered. South is another matter; you’ll almost always be required to purchase Mexican car insurance. If you’re going to drive in a different country, your car rental company will probably provide the appropriate insurance  policy.

Requirements In Other States

Some states require that you have Personal Injury Protection (PIP). This is important if you get into an accident in a PIP state. Rather than check state-by-state, you might be better off with PIP coverage anyway. Your insurance company can provide you with PIP coverage, even temporarily.

Another area that can differ from state to state is minimum limits. However, if you’re in a car accident in another state with a higher coverage requirement, your insurance will probably adjust your coverage limit to what is required in the state you are traveling in.

What if You Move to Another State?

If you move to a different state, that’s a whole different issue. Don’t assume your current insurance will cover you where you’re moving. You’ll need to purchase a new policy that fits your new state’s requirements. Check with your current provider to see if they cover you in the new location.

If your insurance company doesn’t provide car insurance cover out of state, you can find another provider using the EINSURANCE quote comparison tool. Road trips can be a lot of fun, but be safe. Happy trails!


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