Understanding Business Insurance for Veterinarians and Animal Service


Understanding Business Insurance for Veterinarians and Animal Service

Businesses that involve working with animals deal with something others don’t: pets that belong to other people. That distinction comes with particular considerations that aren’t covered in other business insurance plans.

Pet-related businesses that need special insurance coverage include:

  • Veterinarians
  • Boarding facilities
  • Groomers
  • Dog walkers
  • Trainers
  • Day care facilities
  • Pet sitters
  • Animal hospitals

As the business owner, consider these insurance options:

-       Animal Bailee coverage

-       Animal Damage or Business Personal Property Extension

-       Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

Animal Bailee policies include coverage for animals owned by others that are in your business’ temporary custody. This kind of insurance will pay for the loss of or injury to an animal temporarily in your care.

Destruction of your property by animals temporarily in your custody can be covered by an Animal Damage or Business Personal Property Extension.

BOP combines essential coverage for most businesses including Business Liability, Business Income and Business Property. An Animal Bailee policy fills in the animal-specific gaps not covered by BOP.

If you work with pets or other animals that you don’t own, it’s wise to be covered in the event an animal is hurt or killed while in your custody. It is especially important to include Animal Bailee coverage as part of your business insurance plan.

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