3 Ways to Buy Insurance

3 Best Ways to Buy Insurance

1. Direct Purchase from Carriers

You can buy directly from insurance carriers such as Progressive, Geico, etc, which is convenient. However, you may be inundated with sales calls, mailers and email messages, and end up getting coverage that’s not in your best interest as well as possibly missing out on potential discounts.

2. Choose Your Insurance Broker

You can buy from an insurance broker, which is solely focused on your unique needs and will help with comparison shopping, honing in on the best prices for the coverage you need. However, they are commission-based, meaning that they may try to sell you a policy with unnecessary bells and whistles.

3. Shop for Insurance Online

You can buy insurance by comparing rates online on your own, which helps you skip the middleman, save you time and money. However, sometimes you may want to speak to an actual human being, in which case you be won’t satisfied shopping online.

The 3 ways mentioned above are all available when you need to purchase insurance. Choose the one that suits your needs.

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About Dale Williams

Dale Q. Williams, MBA, is a well-respected financial executive whose experience spans from insurance to investment banking. Dale has first hand underwriting experience through working for one of the largest U.S. based insurance carriers, and advisory experience from working for several bulge-bracket and middle-market investment banks. Dale also received his MBA from University of Chicago Booth School of Business, with concentrations in finance and accounting.