Cosmetology Insurance for Salon Owners Covers the Unexpected

Cosmetology Insurance for Salon Owners Covers the Unexpected

Cosmetology Insurance Keeps Your Salon’s Prospects Bright and Beautiful

One of your customers slips on a shampoo spill and breaks her leg. Or what if your celebrity client’s hair falls out after a new treatment and she sues you for losing a big movie role? Unwanted challenges like these are why small salon owners and beauty professionals have Cosmetology insurance.

Cosmetology insurance is a package of policies that can include general liability and professional liability insurance. Most small business owners don’t like to think about insurance, but the risks of operating any business without it far outweigh the cost of the premiums. Beauty salon owners face unique risks, and cosmetology insurance is designed specifically to cover those risks.

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The two scenarios above would both be covered under cosmetology insurance. The first scenario, the slip and fall, comes under general liability insurance, something most business leases require for any small business owner. It can include coverage options such as product liability and completed operations.

The second scenario, the shampoo that makes the hair fall out, can fall under professional liability insurance. Professional Liability protects individuals that provide professional and personal services. It can protect you in cases where you advise your clients to try a new skin treatment that causes an unfortunate reaction or your celebrity client’s perm goes haywire.

Cosmetology insurance can also protect you from property damage and personal injury and advertising injury. Imagine if a lawsuit threatened to bankrupt your business. Even if you are not found guilty of negligence, legal fees may be higher than your business may be able to pay.

Cosmetology insurance is a special package you and your insurance professional can design to fit your needs. Carrying adequate insurance to protect yourself is an essential investment in your salon. When you’re covered well, you can focus on why you own a salon—the joy you feel when you help someone look their best.

The content above is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide advice regarding your specific circumstance. Please consult with an insurance professional to discuss your insurance needs.


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