Drone Insurance Guide

Drone Insurance Introduction

The drone industry has heated up in recent years, the same with accident rates, so drone insurance coverage is a must. Drone insurance acts like any other traditional insurance policy. If you lose your drone or are involved in any accidents, the policy will cover your damage and liability costs to some extent.

Do You Need It?

Depending on what kinds of drones you own, you might have coverage for your drones through your homeowners insurance policy. So make sure to check with your insurer first. Although there is no obligation to insure your drone, it is better to protect yourself against any liability risks and protect your investment with damage insurance, especially when you use it for commercial purposes.

Currently you can buy insurance for your UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)/Drones from AVION insurance or SkyWatch.ai. They are the leading drone insurance coverage providers in the U.S.

If you need any insurance quotes to compare, or more insurance related information, please go to EINSURANCE.com.

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