Drunk Driving and Auto Insurance

You got popped for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Hopefully, no lives were lost, no injuries were sustained and no property damage occurred, because then you’d really be in a world of legal and financial hurt. As it is, you’re still looking at a lot of misery, even if your attorney manages to keep you out of jail. One of the biggest issues you’ll be faced with is the impact of drunk driving on your auto insurance.

If the worst thing that happens after driving drunk is an increase in your automobile insurance premiums, consider yourself lucky. You could face policy cancelation or nonrenewal after a DUI.  Don’t suppose that your insurer won’t find out about your drunk driving arrest or license suspension.  Many states now require you to provide a form SR-22 from your automobile insurance provider before they’ll lift your driving privilege suspension. The SR-22 is proof that you have adequate liability insurance.  Under an SR, your insurance company has to notify the state is your car insurance policy is cancelled for any reason. Depending on where you live, this requirement can last from three to five years. If your automobile insurance provider doesn’t offer SR-22 policies, you may end up cancelled or non-renewed, which leaves you shopping for car insurance quotes with drunk driving on your record.

Okay, it isn’t impossible to get car insurance after a drunk driving conviction, but it isn’t easy either, especially if your policy was cancelled or non-renewed.  See, now you have two black marks against you (and are doubtless wishing you’d listened to those public service announcements). Your best bet is to begin your search online for auto insurance quotes after drunk driving.

Insurance companies will take several factors into account when considering whether you can get car insurance after driving drunk, as well as how much your premiums will be.  Age, gender, your entire driving history and the car you drive are all contributing factors. If you are unable to find private automobile insurance, your state may offer programs for high-risk drivers.

The one thing you should never consider is chancing it. If you get stopped for any traffic violation and can’t show proof of insurance, you could face more big fines and suspension or permanent revocation of your driver’s license.

A drunk driving conviction isn’t a lifetime sentence. You can begin to restore your good name (at least as far as the insurance companies are concerned) and gradually lower your premiums.  Maintain a good driving record. Take a safe-driving class. Pay all your bills on time to improve your credit rating. Take public transportation or carpool to work to lessen your mileage driven.


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