Can I Insure My Future Earnings?

Am I Able to Insure My Future Earnings?

The answer is yes. Income protection insurance or disability insurance will cover a portion of your income in the short or long term if you are not able to work, or perform the major duties of your job.

One of the best examples is of professional athletes. Before they actually enter a professional league, athletes are in a very competitive and vulnerable environment, and need to insure/protect their future earnings in case a debilitating injury occurs. Permanent total disability (PTD) coverage provides protection for players who suffer injuries or illnesses during a designated coverage period.

What Benefits Can I Get from Income Protection Insurance?

Most income protection policies will provide you with a monthly payment up to 50% – 80% of your total income during your recovery. Professional athletes may receive coverage based on the players’ sport and projected draft position.

How Should I Choose a Policy?

First, understand your needs. Then decide how long you may be able to get by without a steady income. Finally, decide on what coverages and benefits you want. Compare those coverages and benefits, and make your final decision. is an online insurance comparison website. We provide you with the latest insurance news and free disability insurance quotes from top rated insurance carriers.

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