Is Your Smartphone a Cyber Liability Risk for Your Small Business?

Is your smartphone a cyber liability risk for your small business?

Think cyber liability only affects giant corporations? Wrong!  Your small business is equally exposed. The fact is, 25% of data breaches happen at firm with fewer than 50 employees and, according to a recent survey, you’re at greater risk of being hacked than of having a fire. And your greatest vulnerability comes from your smartphone. Here’s what you need to know about smartphone security risks and how to prevent being a victim.

Top 5 Common Smartphone Liability Risks

You’re most likely to suffer a data breach when:

  1. Your  smartphone is lost or stolen
  2. You visit shady websites, especially those with foreign domains
  3. You click on links from unfamiliar sources
  4. You download apps from unknown sources
  5. You open suspicious attachments

Top 8 Ways to Avoid Smartphone Data Breaches

  1. Take these commonsense steps :
  2. Use a key lock code or PIN code
  3. Set a SIM card lock
  4. Use the encryption software offered by most smartphone platforms to secure your data
  5. Don’t store data on your smartphone, use a remote data storage backup system instead
  6. Don’t ignore security warnings when accessing websites via unfamiliar wireless networks
  7. Download apps only from trustworthy, familiar sources
  8. Don’t store personal info like credit card numbers and passwords on websites, which can be hacked

Despite your best efforts you can still be a victim. The crooks are clever and they stand to profit greatly. Protect yourself from the costs and business disruption that come with a data breach with cyber liability insurance, which will cover many of the costs associated with a breach. You can learn more about this affordable coverage and compare cyber liability insurance policies for small business here.


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