How Safe Is Online Document Storage and Digital Asset Management?

Should you store your insurance policy information and other important documents online? Are online safe deposit and digital asset management services really secure? The answers are Yes and Yes. And, no, you don’t need to be a geek genius to use an online document storage option like My Vault®.

You have auto insurance, health insurance and home owners insurance because accidents happen and you want to be protected from loss when they do. But if you’re storing your insurance policy information at home you’re taking a big risk. Fire, flood, theft or natural disaster could wipe out your home storage vault and its contents. Sure, the insurance carriers can find your information, but you’ll lose precious time, especially if they’re swamped with requests from others in similar situations. If you’re seriously injured or killed, would your spouse, partner or family even know about those policies or whom to call? A traditional safe deposit box from a bricks and mortar bank is a better option, but banks aren’t open round-the-clock and lock box keys can be lost.

Compared to home storage or a bank, a My Vault secure online vault offers a number of advantages and conveniences:

  • Encrypted remote access from anywhere at anytime – Access and digitally manage your documents from work, on vacation, at the doctor’s office, in a hospital bed or an automobile showroom. If you have Internet access, My Vault is always open.
  • Easy, personal file organization – No hanging file folders to wrestle, no sticky tabs, no paper cuts! You manage your files and folders digitally, using simple drop-and-drag functionality, as well as built in file-tag, file-sort, file-type and file-label management functionality.
  • Share selectively – Forget asking a neighbor to check in your bottom desk drawer. With My Vault you decide who to trust with what and when. If your partner, spouse, attorney, accountant or Uncle Fred has a need to know, you email that individual a pick-up link and password permitting limited access to just those documents you designate. These can be set with an expiration date, too.
  • Enhanced security – Like we already know, accidents and disasters happen. If your vital documents are in a home safe a burglar can discover it and force you to open it. If your information is digitally stored at My Vault, the robber won’t even know it exists. Documents stored and digitally managed on My Vault are safe from fire, flood, tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes that can destroy your home or the safest brick-and-mortar bank.

No vault storage system, whether bank or online, is completely secure. But My Vault stacks the odds in your favor with more advanced security standards and features than traditional storage options. Online vaults are based on storage capacity and payment is month-to-month starting as low as $1.99. Affordable, convenient, secure and private – good reasons to say goodbye to paper storage and paper cuts for good.


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