Organize Your Insurance Policies and Your Life with Online File Storage

organize your insurance policies and your life with online file storage

Spring was a little late in coming to many parts of the country this year. When it did show up, it often wreaked havoc. So if you haven’t done your spring cleaning yet, you get a pass and a second chance to get organized.

Start with your home office. The severe spring storms were a wake-up call to get your insurance house in order. Now is as a good a time as any to go through all those file folders and drawers full of paperwork and get rid of the clutter. Put the ancient and outdated in one pile to be shredded, put the personally precious in another, and the legally critical data in a third. Go through that third pile and pull out your life insurance, homeowners insurance,health insurance and car insurance policies and review them. If anything in your life has changed since you took out those policies, shop for competitive quotes from top insurance companies at

Okay, you’re thinking, now I’ve got piles of paper on my floor. Don’t despair and whatever you do, don’t shove all that stuff back in box. There’s a much smarter solution – one that assures you’ll always be able to find important documents instantly, whenever you need them. No, it’s not a Tupperware container under the bed. That’s so 1990s! If it can be digitized, it can be stored securely online and accessed 24/7 from anywhere via an Internet connection using services of companies like My Vault.®

For low month-to-month fees based on five levels of online file storage capacity, My Vault provides secure online safe deposit boxes and easy digital asset management. Adding, managing and retrieving files couldn’t be simpler with My Vault’s drag and drop functionality. The information you store is never shared, distributed, viewed, copied or monitored by any third party within the bounds of the law. On the other hand, if you want to give access to specific files or folders to someone you trust  — a spouse, partner, family member, accountant or lawyer, for example – you can use link-share expiration functions offered within My Vault and set passwords for link share and file pick-up control. My Vault® offers bank-level  security features and is more reliable than a home safe, which can be cracked  or stolen.

So gather up your insurance policies, business contracts, deeds, wills, living wills, living trusts, powers of attorney and anything else that’s important to your well being, and store it securely in an online safe deposit box from My Vault. They’ll be there when you need them and you can congratulate yourself for organizing your documents and your life using our online file storage.


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