Six Workplace Safety Tips for Employers

top six workplace safety tips for employers

Top Six Workplace Safety Tips for Employers

In the United States, more than one billion a week is spent by businesses on serious workplace injuries, with overexertion leading the list of top ten causes. This category alone costs businesses almost $14 billion a year. Making safety an important element within your business can help lower the company’s workers’ compensation claims.

Engaging employees in safety awareness program goes a long way in creating a safe and productive workplace. Here are some workplace safety tips for your business.

How to Create a Safer Work Environment

1. Build safety protocols into ongoing employee training.

Educate all employees on safety rules and techniques pertaining to their specific jobs, as well as the workplace in general. Provide periodic training refreshers.

2. Create emergency procedures.

Develop a written plan that covers dealing with and reporting injuries and emergencies. Be sure to include phone numbers for key first responders. Include this in each employee’s initial training as well as providing a review included in periodic refresher training. Post the procedures in a place where employees can easily reference it.

3. Make sure machinery and employee gear are in good condition.

Sometimes injury happens because tools or equipment don’t work as they should, or the employee is not outfitted properly for the task. Check items used by employees regularly and be sure employees are equipped with industry-specific safety gear.

4. Post hazard signs and warnings where appropriate.

From temporary “Slippery When Wet” warning signs to “Caution: Hazardous Materials” signs, it is important to have warning signs posted to help keep employees safe. Refer to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for regulations about when signs are required and what the signs should communicate.

5. Keep a clean and neat workplace.

Many employee accidents can be avoided by keeping a clean workplace with everything neatly arranged. Set up regular inspections to look for any potential hazards, from disorganized tools to clutter.

6. Maintain open communication.

Encourage feedback from employees about any improvements in safety measures they can recommend. Survey the staff periodically to determine what employees understand about your safety guidelines, policies and procedures. An anonymous survey can bring valuable feedback.

A good workplace safety program does more than help provide a safer environment for employees; it can also bring about better employee retention, reduced workers’ compensation costs and enhanced productivity.

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