Tips for Safe Autumn Driving

Tips for Safe Autumn Driving

Wicked winter weather is still a ways off, but autumn brings its own special set of driving hazards and car care requirements. Get a head start with these fall driving safety tips to get your car ready for fall driving.

Fall Road Hazards

  • Falling leaves turn to slimy slick patches that can be as dangerous as ice. They make it hard to see potholes and curbs. Elsewhere, in drought-stricken western states, parking over tinder-dry leaves could cause your catalytic converter to ignite a fire.
  • Keep an eye out for early frost on bridges and shaded sections of roadways 
  • Fall is mating season for deer and running into one will ruin your car and your day. Be alert, especially between dusk and dawn. 
  • Shifting temperature in fall increase the chance of fog, particularly in low-lying areas. If you have to drive in fog, drive slower and keep your headlights on.
  • The sun is setting sooner, creating blinding glare earlier. Invest in decent sunglasses, keep your windshield clean and leave plenty of room between you and the car ahead.
  • Kids are back in school. Watch out for them as well as joggers and bicyclists.

Fall Driving Safety Tips

  1. Is your battery three years or older? Have it checked and replace it or at least make sure the connections are tight and corrosion-free.
  2. Have your wheels aligned, rotate your tires and replace those with uneven or excessive wear.
  3. Check your brake linings, rotors and drums for wear.
  4. Make sure your heater and ventilation system is working properly to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. 
  5. Replace worn windshield wiper blades and fill up the washer reservoir.
  6. Keep your headlamps clean and properly aligned.

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