A Smart Home Can Keep It Safe and Save You Money On Insurance

smart home can keep it safe and save you money

For the most part, we love our tech. In the search for ways to simplify our lives with technology, homeowners are turning their attention to gadgets and devices that make their homes smarter and safer. In the process, savings are being realized at home and on homeowner’s premiums.

Tech We’re Taking Home

Technology firms have already come up with some handy home tech, and more is on the way. The systems are designed for security and comfort, but are also starting to address home protection, such as water control.

These kinds of devices include:

  • Energy use monitors
  • Smart thermostats
  • Leak monitors & flood detectors
  • Humidifier (and other appliance) controllers
  • Smart phone controlled quick locks
  • Garage door detectors
  • Video door bells & other surveillance cameras
  • Lighting timers

Saving on Homeowners Insurance

From saving energy to catching leaks before they cause expensive damage to putting a damper on break-ins and thefts, technology can save you money. Smart home devices might also earn you discounts on your homeowners insurance.

Not all insurance companies offer discounts for smart tech at home, but the numbers are growing and providers predict that available discounts will continue to increase as tech gets even smarter and more common. Some discounts are only available right now based on where you live. For instance, smart flood sensors and automated water control valves are more likely to be available right now in areas prone to flooding or freezing pipes.

Insurance companies realize that they can save money by incentivizing with discounts and avoiding costlier expenditures covering homeowners insurance claims.

How to Get Discounts

If you have installed a smart system in your home or plan to, contact your provider and ask if this qualifies for a discount. Even if it doesn’t, it’s a good idea to compare your options.

Find out if you can get a better rate than what you currently have, whether smart home discounts are available or not. You can receive and compare homeowners insurance quotes here.


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