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pet insurance story

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Pet Insurance Story – Your Best Friend Needs Insurance Too

I’m not the neatest person, but my time in college showed me that cleaning up after roommates, or anyone for that matter, was not something I loved doing. Fast forward a few decades, a wife, and a child later, and the notion of cleaning up after ‘roommates’ has essentially dissolved. What’s even more odd is that during that time I have willfully, even lobbied for us to grow our small family through adoption. A few years ago, we decided to set out and find the perfect furry addition to our family. The process was thorough and took a bit of time. Our first venture out, my wife and daughter wanted to take every puppy under the age of one, home. Thankfully, I was able to reel them in and refocus their efforts. The objective wasn’t to find any furry puppy, but that one that best fit our home. That’s where our pet insurance story begins.

Speed Dating

The process was much like speed dating. You peruse different profiles online, mark a few potential dogs that you feel would make good fits, call the shelter, then schedule a date. The dates are just like the ones you may have gone on in high school. All parties are nervous, feeling each other out, and trying to present the best version of themselves. In our case, this amounted to use being fenced in with our potential furry family members and simply spending time existing together. We went on several dates. One puppy was too energetic and practically chewed through our daughter’s shirt in a matter of minutes. Another was so lethargic that we had to physically move him to get a reaction. Once our new family member came out, Sox, we knew it. A blend of focused energy and calmness that mirrored the vibe in our home. Being a Boxer and Chinese Shar-Pei mix also helped. Although two months old, Sox, had the mitts of an adult dog. He was jet black, but every single paw was white, as if he was wearing ‘socks.’ Needless to say, the ladies in my life were not going to let use leave without our new member.

Fast forward a few years, and Sox has grown into a handsome, eerily smart and intuitive young adult dog. Sometimes he and I communicate better than I do with my wife and daughter. As such, Sox has become an invaluable part of our family; essentially our furry son and brother to our daughter. An aspect of adopting that most don’t consider, which our family surely did not at the time, is the care required for the new member of the family. Unfortunately, you can’t simply add your furry family member to your current insurance policy; although they are just as important as any member of the family. We learned this aspect of integrating a pet into your family through trial and error. Since Sox has been a part of our family, we’ve visited the vet several times. Nothing serious, just maintenance checkups. Through this exercise, we have found that pet healthcare is just as cumbersome as ours. Our experience has also shown us that we need to budget anywhere between $400 – $800 annually, for Sox’s hospital visits. This does not assume something drastic goes wrong. Should we need to take Sox to the emergency room, the cost would be additive.

What A Scare!

One summer day, we had the scare of a lifetime. One that made us go home and purchase pet insurance instantly. It was a beautiful Saturday morning; sunny and circa 80 degrees. My wife and I took Sox for a jog along the lakefront. Approximately 45 minutes into the jog, I feel Sox falling behind. Five minutes later, I feel Sox completely stop. At first, I continued to run and simply pull him along, in hopes that he simply needed a bit of motivation. After a few tugs, I noticed something was different. Sox could hardly move. He’d crawled to the shade and was plastered onto the grass. His breathing was extremely shallow and fast, with his tongue out and foam starting to collect on the sides of his mouth. I ran to the nearest fountain collected as much water as I could in our bottle and brought it back to Sox. We sprayed water on him and tried to assist as best we could, so that he could drink from the bottle as well. Needless to say, this was the longest 5 minutes of my life. All types of thoughts were racing through my head. Should I run to the car and bring it back to take Sox to the hospital? Should we call an ambulance? Should I try to carry our 90lb furry family member to the car?

After a few minutes of sitting in the shade with a bit of water, Sox’s breathing began to normalize. After about 15 minutes, he was back standing. We walked, tepidly back to the car. The first thing we did once we reached our home was search online for pet insurance. Given we had a bit of experience with paying for Sox’s routine checkups, the notion of the cost of an emergency hospital visit was daunting. At the time Sox was suffering from heat exhaustion, we would have paid anything to help him. However, the better strategy would be to alleviate that monetary risk altogether, through purchasing insurance upfront. That way, costs never comes into the equation when considering your furry family member’s health. We monitored Sox for the next few days, until we were confident, he was back to normal. Thankfully, our close call had a happy ending, as we know not all families are as lucky. Furry family members are indeed just that; family members. That’s our pet insurance story. As such, make sure they’re insured appropriately, so when emergencies do arise, you can take necessary action, free of considering potential costs. Best of luck! is an online insurance comparison website. We provide you with pet insurance story and latest insurance news and free pet insurance quotes to compare from top insurance carriers and give you a peace of mind.

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