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How Much Will Your Car Insurance Cost?

Like many things, auto insurance rates seem to be getting higher every year. So how much is the average cost? There are many factors that influence the cost of an auto insurance policy. To save on auto insurance, it’s important to shop around and compare.
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8 Simple Ways to Save You 90% On Your Car Insurance

Want to save money on auto insurance premiums? Here we provide you 8 simple ways to save you 90% on your car insurance.
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Does Your Car Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

We’ve already seen May floods devastate large parts of Texas, resulting in an estimated $45 million in property damage. That may have been just a precursor of things to come. After a record wet spring across the plains states, the summer forecast is equ
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Will Telematics Mean Cheaper Car Insurance?

This article talks about the latest technologies that insurance carriers are allowing consumers to put in their vehicles in attempt to lower they insurance rates.
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Exciting New Car Technology Trends

Car Technology Trends

Car Care & Safety Tips for Autumn Driving

With these tips for routine fall car care and safe driving, you can weather the autumn roads.
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Direct Repair Providers, Steering Laws and Car Insurance

Learn about steering laws and your right to choose where you get your car repaired. Shop for competitive car insurance quotes at
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Hail Damage and Car Insurance Claims

Hail stones dent your car? Learn when and how to file vehicle hail damage claims and shop for comprehensive car insurance quotes at
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Stupid Traffic Tickets

Read about obscure U.S. traffic laws that could add points to your records and dollars to your car insurance premiums.
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What You Need to Know About Car Insurance and Hurricanes

Get tips to protect your car from hurricane damage and shop for competitive car insurance quotes at
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Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing and Car Insurance

Know how person-to-person car sharing affects your car insurance and get auto insurance quotes online at
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Auto Damage Claims Settlement the Right Way

Find out the smart way to get the best deal when settling an auto damage claim and shop for competitive car insurance quotes at
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How to Deal with an Insurance Claims Adjuster

Read this before you talk to an insurance claims adjuster. Then shop for competitive car insurance quotes at
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Tips for Driving in Fog

Fog creates dangerous driving conditions. Avoid fog-related accidents and keep car insurance low.
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What To Do If Your Car Catches Fire

If your car catches fire will insurance pay for it? Get tips get competitive car insurance quotes online for affordable car insurance at
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Car Insurance Trivia

Take our auto insurance trivia test and get car insurance quotes online at
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The Safest Cars for Christmas 2012

Find the safest cars for your 2012 Christmas list and compare quotes for the cheapest car insurance.
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Red Light Cameras, Traffic Tickets and Your Car Insurance

Red light camera traffic tickets can wrongly endanger your good driving record and ability to get cheaper car insurance