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Stacked Vs. Unstacked Auto Insurance – What You Should Know

Stacked Vs. Unstacked Auto Insurance Think of a stack of boxes and a single box. Stacked boxes give you a taller stack while a single box is, well, one box. Keep these images in mind as we discuss stacked auto insurance versus unstacked insurance. What’s the Difference? Basically, stacked insurance covers bodily injury while unstacked […]

Green Insurance – What Is It?

Green has gone mainstream. From recycling at home to cleaning up Superfund sites, eco-friendly solutions are influencing the world—even in the insurance sector. Green insurance and incentives reflect a growing desire to make our planet more environmentally stable. Types of Green Insurance Available Eco-friendly insurance coverage can be purchased in a variety of categories including: […]

How to Prepare for a Home Insurance Inspection

Home Insurance Inspection: How to Prepare Buying a house can feel like you’re having to jump through hoop after hoop. You’ll need to buy home insurance coverage buy before closing on your home. And before that you will probably need a home inspection to qualify for homeowners insurance. Why Insurance Providers Inspect Homes Insurance companies […]

Does Life Insurance Pay for Suicidal Death?

If you were to be asked life insurance pays beneficiaries in the event of a suicidal death, what would your answer be? Many people believe that in the case of suicide, life insurance flat out won’t pay. This is a common misconception. The truth is, there are circumstances in which many insurance companies will pay […]

Buying Prescription Drugs Online – The Ultimate Guide

Is It Safe to Buy Medications Online? The internet has changed the way we buy goods. For about four million Americans, the internet is where they go to buy medications, mainly because it is often cheaper, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Other reasons include the convenience and time-savings. But buying […]

Indexed Universal Life Insurance – A Complete Guide

Do You Need Indexed Universal Life Insurance? When considering permanent life insurance, you might come across something called indexed universal life insurance (IUL). Like traditional Universal life insurance (UL), IUL has a death benefit plus a cash value. Universal Life Insurance vs. Indexed Universal Life Insurance There are two types of universal life insurance: Universal […]

Insurance Endorsements for Business Insurance

Do You Need Insurance Endorsements for Your Business? Insurance endorsements, or riders, are modifications to an insurance policy to include additions, deletions or exclusions. They are used to customize a policy to best fit your needs and budget. Typically, endorsements make it possible for you to buy insurance that truly fits your needs, either by […]

How to Get High Risk Homeowners Insurance

Here’s How to Get High Risk Homeowners Insurance Let’s say there’s a house you have your heart set on. But when you try to get homeowner’s insurance, a requirement if you took out a mortgage, you are told the situation it is “high-risk”. You are turned down. What do you do? Don’t give up just […]

Don’t Make These Commercial Insurance Claim Mistakes

When Filing a Commercial Insurance Claim, Don’t Make These Common Mistakes If you own a small business, you know that it can be, well, risky business. Errors can be made, and you often learn as you go. There is at least one area, though, where knowledge goes a long way: filing commercial insurance claims. Mistakes […]

All You Should Know About Commercial Truck Insurance

What You Should Know About Commercial Truck Insurance For commercial truckers, days and nights on the road can be filled with hazards—accidents, spilled cargo, damaged property, for example. Commercial truck insurance can protect trucks and the truckers who drive them by helping cover the costs of many of these types of events. If your business […]

What Is Hazard Insurance?

What is Hazard Insurance and How is It Used? If you own a home and have homeowners insurance, then you are covered by hazard insurance. They are one and the same. Homeowners are typically required by mortgage lenders to carry a homeowners insurance policy, including a portion devoted to hazard coverage. What Is Hazard Insurance? […]

Workers Compensation Claims Process

Navigating the Workers Compensation Claims Process Today, we know workers compensation insurance (also called workers’ comp) is in place through our employers to protect us in the event we are injured or become ill due to a job. Workers have to understand how to file workers compensation claims. But few of us are aware that […]

How Does A Car Recall Affect Your Car Insurance?

How Does a Car Recall Affect Your Auto Insurance? Vehicle recalls occur fairly often, some with a lot of public attention – think Takata airbags. The recall system was first implemented in 1966 with the National Traffic and Motor Safety Act and less than four years later, more than 10 million cars had been recalled. […]

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Wildfires?

Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Wildfires? Does your homeowners insurance cover wildfires? Maybe, maybe not. If you live in an area that is particularly at risk for wildfires, you may have trouble finding the insurance you want. Insurance companies can decide it is too risky for them and can: Purposefully exclude wildfires from a policy […]

General Liability Insurance Certificate Explained

Why You Probably Need a General Liability Insurance Certificate Sometimes you have to prove you are who you profess to be. Similarly, as a small business owner or independent contractor you will be asked from time to time to present evidence that you protect yourself with general liability insurance. That’s when you’ll be asked to […]

How to Get Title Insurance?

Title Insurance: What it Is and How to Get It When you’re buying a new home, your head may be swimming with all kinds of things: excitement, relief, maybe a little purchase anxiety. And then, there is all that paperwork you have to read and sign. One of the items in the pile of “things […]

Health Savings Account Vs FSA

Health Savings Account Vs FSA: Which One is Best for You? Which kind of healthcare savings plan should you go with: a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)? Both have tax benefits but are different in significant ways. You might even choose to forgo either one. Health Savings Accounts HSAs allow […]

Social Media and Insurance Claims

How Social Media is Used During Insurance Claim Investigations Be careful what you post on social media because you never know who will see it. What’s the relation between social media and insurance claims? Insurance companies and agents are adding themselves to the growing list of entities using social media as a tool. In the […]