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How to Lower Homeowners Insurance Premiums

Here’s How to Lower Homeowners Insurance Premiums Homeowners insurance is a necessary expense if you own or buy a house, that’s a given. But there are ways to bring down your premium costs. Take a little time to give it some thought and look at your options. Here are some of the ways you can […]

Medicare for All Act of 2019: What’s In It?

Medicare for All Act of 2019: What Is It? It’s back, stronger than ever. The Medicare for All Act of 2019 is helping revive a concept that Americans are now beginning to look at more seriously than they did four years ago when Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders first proposed single-payer health insurance for all. […]

Allergy Guide: Allergy Symptoms and Treatment Options

Your Seasonal Allergy Guide: Sources, Symptoms and Treatment Options If you suffer from seasonal allergy symptoms you know how miserable they can make you feel. Allergy symptoms are triggered when your immune system overreacts to something that is otherwise harmless. In trying to protect you, your immune system goes into overdrive, attacking the pollen, dust, […]

5 Ways to Save on Term Life Insurance

Cheap Life Insurance: Ways to Save on Term Life Insurance If you’ve been avoiding getting life insurance because of the cost, take heart: There are things you can do to get bring the price down. 1. Opt for term life insurance Term policies, as opposed to permanent policies, are usually substantially less expensive. With term, […]

The Rise Of Women Entrepreneurs

The Upsurge in Woman-Owned Small Businesses Woman-led businesses in the U.S., like the recent surge of women being elected to state and federal offices in the 2018 midterms, continues to grow. In fact, women-owned businesses grew by 58 percent between 2007 to 2018. Here are some observations noted by in recent reviews of industry trends […]

Urgent Care Vs ER

Urgent Care Vs ER: Who Should You Turn to? When you need medical care at night or on weekends, where do you go for help? The emergency room or an urgent care facility? The simple answer is: If you’re severely hurt, having chest pain, or difficulty breathing, go to an E.R. If your symptoms are […]

How to Motivate Employees In the Workplace?

Motivating Your Employees for Better Outcomes We’ve all been there. At some point in our lives, we’ve experienced a dysfunctional workplace. Like an unproductive office or the place where turnover is always high. By taking a few steps, consistently and over time, you can put in place systems and policies that can help develop a […]

How Do Airbags Work?

We typically never see the airbags in our cars. We just count on them to function right if ever needed. So how do airbags work? There are several steps that must happen in very quick succession for airbags to work. A Little History First patented in 1953, the airbag has evolved and improved over the […]

Does Climate Change Affect Your Home Insurance?

Climate Change Is Altering the Way We Buy Homeowners Insurance Rising temperatures. Growing numbers of hurricanes every year. Flooding. Droughts. These kinds of events seem to be happening more frequently. Insurance companies are taking note and the industry is changing as a result. How Does Climate Change Affect Homeowners Insurance? Insurance providers are watching carefully […]

How to Protect Your Business with Additional Insured Status

Protect Your Business with Additional Insured Status When two business work together, the smaller entity typically must have proof of insurance coverage. If you, as a small business, wants to work with a large company, you will almost always be required to have liability coverage. The larger company is assured that your company, not theirs, […]

How to Choose the Right Homeowners Insurance Deductible?

You just bought a new home and are going to purchase homeowners insurance to protect your investment. How do you know whether or not to go with a high or a low deductible? The right answer is fairly nuanced and depends upon your particular situation. Homeowners Insurance Deductible Options Your homeowners insurance deductible is the […]

What You Should Know About Dietary Supplements?

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) states that over half of all people in the United States take one or more dietary supplements, either daily or occasionally. You may have been hearing that dietary supplements – vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes and amino acids – are good for you. Or, bad for you. The reality is, […]

How to Find Business Insurance that Matches Your Company Size?

When you want to buy business insurance for your company, where do you start? It begins with defining your business in terms of its size and location. Is it a home business, small business, medium business or large business? Home-Based Business – 0-1 employees A typical home business has single employee, or none, and modest […]

Do Car Dealerships Offer Temporary Car Insurance?

State laws differ, but in most you can’t drive a car off the dealership lot without proof of car insurance. If you have another vehicle covered by a policy already your provider will usually cover the new car automatically for up to four days from when you make the purchase. If your insurance provider doesn’t […]

Understanding the Different Types of Health Insurance in the U.S.

Health insurance in the U.S. can be confusing, especially during these days of ongoing changes in legislation. Choosing the coverage that’s right for you and your family is important, and the first thing to consider is the types of health insurance that are available in this country. Many people are covered through their employers, but […]

How to Ladder Your Life Insurance

When you buy life insurance, you want to get the best amount of coverage without breaking the bank, right? You might want to consider the laddering strategy. When you ladder life insurance, you can get the coverage you need and pay less for it. How Laddering Life Insurance Works? To ladder life insurance, you buy […]

The Good and the Bad About Association Health Plans

In a recent ruling by Presidential Executive Order, association health plans (AHPs) will now allow groups to offer health insurance coverage. Whether or not AHPs will be a good alternative is up for debate, but the goal is to provide small companies another option for health coverage. Signed on June 19, 2018, the new rule […]

Do You Need Renters Insurance to Rent an Apartment?

If you are renting an apartment, you may be required to purchase a renters insurance policy. Many apartments require that you have a minimum of $100K in liability coverage. But, even if you don’t have to have it, you should still consider purchasing a renters insurance policy. Renters Insurance Types of Coverage A typical renters […]